The Quality of Education Comes First

 An interview with Prof. Lech A. Bukowski, Dean of the Faculty of Management, A.G.H. University of Science and Technology.
• At present the number of places for students at Polish universities outnumber the number of possible applicants. How does your faculty cope with this situation?
• We assume that secondary-school graduates will choose those universities which will provide them with an education that in the future will guarantee a greater likelihood of finding employment. One of the consequences of a period of decreased birth rate, which is what we are seeing now, is that there must an emphasis on the quality of education, a strategy which has been in place in our faculty for many years. We are developing the resources needed for distance learning and ensuring that the best lecturers, including those from abroad, are available to our students. Within the faculty our system to guarantee the quality of education is based on a process approach. This allows us to optimise the teaching in both the main and specialist subjects, and in order to maintain objectivity within the assessment criteria we apply the so-called Balanced Scorecard (BSC). This makes it possible to define specific factors when monitoring the quality of teaching and research, the development of our research personnel, the resources available and the effectiveness of the financial expenditure. We educate at all levels, that is we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In the latter, we have been the most successful faculty within the University and, considering the present economic situation, it is clear that such education is essential.
• Can foreign students also study management at your faculty?
• Oh, yes and at a high level too. We offer courses leading to a Master of Business Administration (MBA), in cooperation with Colorado State University. Such courses at the level of a master’s degree, with additionally a specialisation in logistics management, are run entirely in English, and we, of course, encourage an international exchange of both students and scientists. It is also worth mentioning that we are able to provide excellent opportunities in the field of Applying Innovative Methods in Management as we have obtained an E.U. grant, entitled ‘A Prototype System of Business and Technology Management Principles’
• The quality of education must be affected by the teaching itself . Are you planning any investment here?
• Although we think that the conditions for both studying and research are already at a high level, we remain committed to their improvement. Thus, we recently decided to invest in the construction of a new wing in our faculty, a so-called intelligent building. It will house lecture halls and laboratories covering an area of about 1,700 square metres. This is an investment we do not begrudge as effective learning and academic research at the highest level requires excellent facilities.